Schindler partners with the House of Switzerland


Schindler has the honor to partner with the "House of Switzerland" (HoS), a significant showcase platform for the nation of Switzerland to promote itself during the Olympics Games.

For many years, Switzerland has used the HoS to showcase its national charms to the people of the Olympic host nation. The “House of Switzerland 2008” is located in 798 art district in Beijing. Altogether, 12 leading Swiss companies, including Schindler, will be represented at the HoS. A Schindler booth will be established at the HoS to display the company’s history, culture as well as advanced technology, products and services.

The HoS will receive various VIP guests from around the world, including officials from both the Chinese and Swiss governments, as well as representatives from many influential media outlets.

"Co-operation with the House of Switzerland, is a tremendous honor for Schindler, providing us with precious promotion opportunities and also a platform to present our integrated Olympics strategies," explained Mark Noble, President of Schindler China. "Schindler is actively supporting the Beijing Olympics. During the Games, different partners will be invited to the House of Switzerland, to experience the charm of Switzerland, the unique Swiss culture and the excitement of the Beijing Olympics."

To date, Schindler has built and installed over 200 new escalators and elevators in major Olympic venues, including the National Stadium (Bird's Nest.)

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