Schindler ID named top technology


“Passenger wait times and repeated stops are reduced – anyone used to waiting for elevators can appreciate that.” –

Schindler ID, the ideal choice to supply customized elevator services for high-end residential and commercial buildings was named as the 2008 TOP 100 products by the leading US trade journal.

The Top 100 is featured in the June issue of the Buildings magazine. The editors chose Schindler ID because it is the first elevator access-control system for mid- and high-rise buildings that customizes service for each passenger using electronic identification badges. The system improves traffic handling by 30 percent when compared to conventional systems, which saves time and increases energy efficiency.

Every year, the Buildings magazine compiles a list of the most innovative products and services in the building industry. The aim of the Top 100 list is to help readers of the Buildings magazine find products and services that are innovative, functional, efficient and environmentally friendly. The magazine says it makes the selection based on visits to industry suppliers, first-hand experience of products, and a careful analysis of printed and online information.

The Schindler ID is a security system that provides customized elevator services suitable for both new and existing installations. It can divide a building into different zones with controlled access authority; allow customized setup to meet the needs of different passengers; and provide visitor control and guidance functions. Our specially trained sales engineers work with architects and design firms to help our customers understand the full capacity of this remarkable product.

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