Schindler China invests in people development


Schindler China, the leading elevator and escalator company, today is pleased to announce the opening of the Guangzhou Training Center in Guangdong Polytechnic College Campus on May 9th,2008.

Schindler China is the first elevator company in China to cooperate with a tertiary institution to extend professional elevator and escalator technical training to students, which establishes a model for college-company cooperation in China.

This 800 sqm training center with multifunctional classrooms and 4 shafts is designed to provide full training service to field engineers and specialists as well as students of the Elevator Engineering Department in Guangdong Polytechnic College. All trainees will receive a variety of elevator and escalator technical training programs covering knowledge and expertise from installation to maintenance as well as on-site management and safety.

China: the biggest elevator market in the world

Nowadays, China is the biggest elevator market in the world and the strong growth of this market is expected to continue. The fast growth will require a large amount of qualified technicians and engineers to install and maintain elevators and escalators with a sound reliability and safety.

As the largest escalator manufacturer and second largest elevator provider in the world, Schindler has most advanced elevator/escalator technologies and has developed systematic training programs in the past 134 years. Schindler would like to cooperate with colleges to extend the knowledge and expertise to bring up more qualified technicians to contribute to the development of China.

The Guangdong Polytechnic College has high quality students who can well assimilate advanced technical training and quickly grow with practical expertise. Therefore, Schindler China and Guang Dong Polytechnic College are the perfect match to leverage the strength of both sides and to promote professional education. This cooperation represents the forward looking vision of both sides to meet the future demands in the elevator and escalator industry.

Those well trained students will play an important role in the further development of the Chinese elevator and escalator market.

Schindler: China’s Top Employer in both 2006 and 2007

With the heavy investment on people development and career planning, Schindler China was awarded as China’s Top Employer in both 2006 and 2007 by the Corporate Research Foundation (CRF). The opening of the Guangzhou training center is another example of Schindler’s ongoing strong commitment to people development. Schindler is willing extend the cooperation with tertiary institutions in the future.

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