Schindler China awarded “The 2006 Best Import and Export Company” by Shanghai Customs


On the morning of Sept.12th 2007, Schindler’s senior logistic department manager Mr. Gregory Lesry received “The 2006 Best Import and Export Company” award from Shanghai Customs section chief Mr. Shi in the Shanghai Customs Station Office lobby. Of Shanghai’s total 35,000 import and export companies, only 800 companies applied for “The Best Import and Export Company” award. Schindler distinguished itself from all 800 applicants won the title, along with 10 other top companies. The award shows Schindler is a leader in our industry, and among local Shanghai companies.

Applied to companies in all industries, “The Best Import and Export Company” award is an important method of evaluation used by Shanghai Customs. Only companies with a good reputation who consistently observe the law can win the award. Customs offers 8 preferential measures to winners, such as having priority in the declaration process, etc. These measures help companies increase efficiency and decrease costs by shortening customs clearing time, allowing us to increase our growth potential.

“Honesty and integrity” has always been one of our core company values. This honor is deeply rooted in Schindler’s company culture; it also embodies Schindler adherence to Chinese values: “Be honest and trustworthy, not profit-mongering at the expense of your values”.

This honor provides new opportunities to move ahead. Schindler values China Customs and Shanghai Customs’ trust; when dealing with import and export, we strictly observe “Customs Law of the People's Republic of China” and make best use of all preferential measures. We always uphold “honesty and integrity” as our company values, and strive to consolidate our position as “The Best Import and Export Company”.

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