How 4% investment leverage entire performance of high building


On March 27th, Mr. Bernard Schwegler, the General Manager of Top Rang Division, China gave a keynote presentation at the 2008 Ultra High-Rise Summit 2008. Mr. Schwegler pointed out that without elevators there would be no high-rise buildings and the investment in elevator systems of a tall building only takes 2-4% of the total building cost. However, the impact on the overall economic consequences can be big.

A proper elevator system will substantially improve the overall operation performance and profitability of a tall building. Bernard impressed the audiences on how Schindler, the leading high-rise elevator solution provider, optimizes elevators system with advanced technologies to balance the space utilization and vertical mobility efficiency of a high-rise building so that the owner could leverage 4% investment to maximize the property performance. A lot of famous developers attending the summit showed great interest in this topic and expressed their interest to cooperate with Schindler.

Ultra High-rise Summit 2008 established a platform for major industrial players to meet up, discuss the market trends and development as well as share the most advanced technologies and engineering.

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