Schindler Shenyang Secures Order for 79 Units Schindler 3300 Escalators from Shanshuirenjia, Benxi


Recently, Schindler Shenyang has secured an order for 79 Schindler 3300 escalators from Shanshuirenjia, Benxi. The contract signing ceremony was held at the Pearl Hotel, Benxi. Besides the General Manager of Benxi Huaxia Group, the other honored guests attending the ceremony included the government officials of Liaoning Province and Benxi Municipality. The representatives for Schindler Lifts were Andrea Borla, General Manager of North China, Andries Diener, Distribution Development Manager, Gu Wei-feng, Group Marketing Manager, and Zhang Zhen-di, Manager of Schindler Shenyang.

For this first large scale Schindler 3330 project in the Shenyang area, the sales officers and distributors expended a great effort to successfully land the sale. Meanwhile, they have also expressed their great confidence in the Schindler 3300, a new product.

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