Schindler China Participated in 2006 Bo'ao Real Estate Forum


June 30th, Schindler participated in the Bo'ao Real Estate Forum held in Hainan, as the only invited elevator producer.

Schindler Elevator: Innovation is Our Life

"A major theme of the forum was how real estate corporations continue innovation so as to enhance competitiveness. For Schindler, innovation is also where our vitality lies. This year, we have tried hard to enhance competitiveness in ecological buildings and have so far achieved an edge in the market through innovation", said Schindler China president Mark Noble in the welcoming banquet of the forum.

The forum was held in Sofitel Hotel in Hainan from June 30th to July 1st. Elites from real estate, finance, and academy all over China gathered to study real estate policy under new market environment and to seek new approaches for industry development. The forum has been held five times since August 2001 in the form of annual convention.  It is a key event in Chinese real estate industry.

As the only invited elevator company, Schindler has great performance over the last few years. As Mark said, this year Schindler had secured a couple of big contracts, including a contract with Shenzhen World Trading Center and Nanning Diwang Building, and lately, a contract of 32 9300AE escalators and 5 Elegant Gearless elevators in Xi'an.  Not recent ago, the yet-to-launch new product 3300 won a 79 units contract in Shenyang.

This is a great achievement for new product sale.In the banquet, Mark introduced what Schindler had contributed in terms of innovation, and he expressed Schindler's will of cooperation with the government and real estate companies.

Schindler: the largest escalator manufacturer and second largest elevator manufacturer

Schindler was founded in 1874 in Switzerland and has become the largest escalator manufacturer and second largest elevator manufacturer in the world. Schindler entered Chinese market in 1980 as one of the first of its kind. Headquarter of Schindler is now located in Shanghai with over 20 branches all over China. Just last year, the largest escalator production line and the largest elevator factory were built respectively in Shanghai and Suzhou.

At the beginning of this year, Schindler launched its new corporate identification system and applying "reliable", "moving" and "trailblazing" as new corporate motto, aiming at leading the market with service and converting all newly sold product to maintenance products. This will ensure that, with satisfaction among clients, employees, shareholders, and partners, our corporate shall maintain high profit level.

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