Schindler Elevator products find great acclaim from architects


Two luncheons for high end construction material suppliers and two professional schools of architecture were held in Beijing and Shanghai on July 28th and August 4th, 2006

Schindler Elevator Company was the only elevator manufacturer attending the event and was warmly received by the participants.

These events were organized by BCI, a company well known in architectural circles. It was the purpose of the events to provide an opportunity for in depth discussions between designers and suppliers in the construction business. At these events, designers were given the opportunity to meet face to face with experts on building materials and to learn about state of the art products and technologies.

"Schindler's intelligent elevator (miconic 10 and Schindler ID) and new concept residence elevators are just the kind of new product in the industry that we need to know about," said one of the designers.

What caught the eyes of the designers were the Permanent Magnetic Synchronous Drive and the singular, Customized Elevator Service System called Schindler ID which is used in conjunction with the intelligent dispatch system Miconic 10, a package of features that can instantly render elevators highly intelligent. It allows the system to pre-book destinations before boarding the elevator. It rationally assigns elevators to groups of calls to avoid overcrowding and to avoid the elevator from having to stop at every floor. In addition, this technology increases the safety of a building by hindering visitors from entering certain floors.

Compared with conventional geared traction machine, the permanent magnetic synchronous drive saves up to 40% in energy consumption. The elimination of the gearbox means that there will be no wear and tear on the transmission. Furthermore, the gearless system considerably saves space and funds, thanks to the fact that it does not require a machine room and can be installed inside the shaft, which reduces building costs.

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