The Schindler Award goes global

For the first time in 2014, the Schindler Award will be open to students worldwide of architecture, landscape architecture, urban design and planning.

The juried competition will ask for detailed design proposals about mobility. Participation in the competition gives students a platform for knowledge sharing, comparison and recognition. Through the use of the open competition format, common in design practice, students have the opportunity to gain practical professional skills and contact with internationally renowned practitioners and experts.

The Schindler Award roots go back to 2003. The Schindler Group established the Schindler Award in 2003, the European Year of Disabled People, to examine questions about universal mobility and access in the European context.

Now, in response to the pressing need for mobility solutions in a rapidly globalizing and urbanizing world, the Global Schindler Award expands the scale and scope of the Schindler Award. The questions of the Global Schindler Award now go beyond any single political or geographic border. The issue of equal access now includes social, political, environmental and economic systems to make livable urban environments for everyone.

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