Schindler Award - Shared Global Responsibility

Shared Global Responsibility

Mobility helps to bring people and places together – globalization means that the cities of the world are increasingly connected. Recognition that there is a shared global responsibility for contributing to livable and sustainable urban environments is essential. The design, planning and management of a single city have an influence far beyond the local: the actions taken in one place can have global consequences.

Architecture, landscape architecture, urban design and planning offer a holistic way to translate global forces and potentials into local, focused projects that impact people’s lives directly. Global interconnection has many advantages – and it presents significant challenges. The potential benefit of continually increasing open access to cities and information is immense. Innovation, awareness and participation in urban issues rise. This has the potential to empower and inform everyone – including residents, designers and governmental officials – to assist in making more livable and sustainable cities.

Using the mobility networks at the heart of the globalized world as a base, the Schindler Global Award competition invites the creation of design-based strategies to combine shared global responsibility with the possibilities of greater connection.