Schindler Award - Futur Cities as a Resource

Future Cities as a Resource

The city should be treated as a resource for inclusion, through the interaction of people, ideas and conditions in close proximity. Cities concentrate political, economic and social factors, among others. This gives rise to both conflict and potential. While urbanization can give rise to social exclusion, spatial segregation and environmental degradation, it also promises greater diversity, exchange and productivity.  

Mobility infrastructure is at the core of urbanization around the world and it can produce both positive and negative impacts, which can be changed and influenced by design-based processes. Urban design also has the potential to help reconcile formal and informal development, systems and structures – a rising necessity of contemporary urbanization. Sensible development must prioritize long-term thinking and encourage the coexistence of divergent cultures. Urban conditions continually evolve, and seen properly, they have the potential to be a renewable resource to make the cities of the future better places for everyone. 

The Schindler Global Award competition calls for open and inclusive future cities through understanding cities as a resource for ideas, people and conditions.

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