Schindler Handrail Ultra UV Device Handrail Sanitation Solution

A new way to disinfect handrails: an advanced sanitation solution for escalators and moving walks helping prevent the spread of viruses and providing safe travel for passengers.

Schindler handrail Ultra UV device

Schindler’s handrail Ultra UV device uses germicidal UVC light to irradiate the handrails at a short distance. This directly damages DNA and RNA, which are the genetic materials of bacteria and viruses, preventing their rapid spread, and also provides a comfortable handrail surface for passengers. Thanks to the physical disinfection process using UVC LED lighting technology, handrails are disinfected in an efficient and environmentally friendly way. The device is installed inside the escalator or moving walk to ensure passenger safety. The design makes it easy to install. The Schindler handrail Ultra UV device is a practical solution to prevent the rapid spread of bacteria and viruses.


  • Installation inside the unit provides invisible protection for passengers
  • Physical disinfection with no chemical or heavy metal residue
  • Green and energy efficient

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