Safety Upgrades

Safety is a top priority at Schindler and we adhere to strict safety codes and standards. We design and build our elevators and escalators with many safety features designed to ensure passenger safety and comfort. Bring your system up to code compliance with new safety features.

Skirt Brushes

Escalator and Moving Walk Skirt Brushes help prevent incidents involving a passenger’s footwear and clothing becoming lodged between the escalator steps and the side skirting.


Tread Safety Grip

Our safety grip solution for escalator and moving walks prevents passengers from slipping on wet and greasy surfaces. It is ideal for escalators and moving walks in outdoor or partially enclosed environments.

Top of Car Guardrails

Top of Car Guardrails are required where a gap of 300mm or greater exists on the car rooftop. They are primarily used as a fall prevention safety feature to allow lift technicians to conduct rooftop maintenance and repair tasks safely.

Fall Prevention

The lift pit fall prevention kit is required to ensure safe entry and exit to deep lift pits for lift technicians.


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