Upgrades & Repairs

Schindler's affordable upgrades for elevators, escalators and moving walks are designed to enhance safety and security, boost performance and reliability, meet disability access requirements and improve aesthetics. From card readers for access control to escalator skirt brushes, a Schindler upgrade can help protect the investment within your building.

Safety Upgrades

Safety is a top priority at Schindler and we adhere to strict safety codes and standards. 

We design and build our elevators and escalators with many safety features designed to ensure passenger safety and comfort.

Bring your system up to code compliance with new safety features.

Energy Savings Upgrades

We offer new energy-efficient components can help many older installations consume far less energy.

You can save your money and reduce your carbon footprint as well.

Security Upgrades

Security upgrades can help control unauthorised visitors from entering protected areas in a building, or restrict access to selected floors.

Elevator security upgrades will enhance security and safety within a building.

Appearance Upgrades

Appearance upgrade complements your building and elevates the customer experience.

Upgrade the interior of your old elevator car to improve the functionality, reliability and accessibility as well.

Accessibility Upgrades

Many improvements covered by Part 12 of the Australian disability regulations can be introduced to your elevators.

Often, these upgrades carry an appearance or performance benefit as well.

Supplementary Services

Schindler provide additional services to your elevator or escalators under your care to help improve the reliability, performance, and aesthetics.

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