Ahead RemoteMonitoring Permanently monitored for an individual service schedule

Ahead RemoteMonitoring is our market-leading digital solution that gives you clear insights into your equipment’s health around the clock. Our Remote Monitoring platform (RMP) notifies our Technical Operations Centre (TOC) of potential incident the moment that they occur. This allows to analyse faults, despatch technicians and distribute parts faster than ever before.


Better planning of resources
Systematic automation ensures that all incoming alerts
concerning your equipment are instantly evaluated and
assigned to our service technicians. Informed decisions
can be taken to plan service schedules, allocate resources
and avoid unnecessary inspections. Building occupants
and tenants can be appropriately informed about service
schedules and their duration. 
Easy integration
Ahead RemoteMonitoring provides services that use the
latest monitoring technology. For our latest product
range, the necessary hardware and software are already
built-in. For older equipment, suitable upgrade options
are available. Similarly, this service is fully compatible with
and can be made available for non-Schindler products. 
Permanent diagnostics
Permanent remote diagnostics and services with
wireless data connection.
Proactive services
Service processes are initiated automatically or upon
a pro-active cross-check with you – based on the
self-detection of issues
Remote 'Healthcheck'
Remote equipment tests including status reports. Clear
overview helps in maintaining longevity and long-term
operation of your equipment. 
Active information
Information updates either via e-mail or short alerts,
or made available on the Ahead ActionBoard platform

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