Ahead ActionBoard Facts at your fingertips. Always.

Ahead ActionBoard is designed to bring clarity and convenience for building owners and managers grappling with the day-to-day tasks of maintaining the equipment. Built on the IoT platform, ActionBoard collates all the relevant statistics, activities and performance data, and displays them in a simple, easy-to-understand manner.


Intuitive interface
ActionBoard is simple and
easy to use. Even users
who are not tech savvy can
navigate effortlessly and
enjoy the benefits.
Push Notifications
Receive valuable
information such as the
service technicians
Expected Time of Arrival (ETA).
Send requests
With just a few clicks you
can send service requests.
Centralised view
View your entire equipment
portfolio at a glance, with
the ability to examine
details on any elevator
or escalator at any given time.
Receive alerts
Set and receive alerts on
custom and pre-defined
events, so you never miss
an update.
Respond proactively
In case of service related
issues, act proactively and
inform residents and
stakeholders automatically.
Generate reports
Customise the fields
according to your
preferences and generate
reports on the specific
activities you want to track.
Customised information
Receive information when
and how you want it. You
can now keep tenants and
other stakeholders
informed about service
Assists for long-term
Historical and real-time
data facilitates service or
upgrade planning based on
clear facts rather than
View past data
Historical data is readily
available. With ActionBoard
you have easy access to
records on activities 
conducted in the past.
Information can be
accessed on the go, from
your hand-held or portable
device via the Ahead
ActionBoard App.

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