The NBN and Lift Telephones - FAQs

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is Australia’s new landline phone and internet network.

The NBN installation will affect the operation of lift emergency phones, fire alarm panels, back to base security systems, medical alert systems and landline phones in many Australian buildings.

The information below answers many frequently asked questions regarding the NBN and provides information on what steps are required to ensure a successful transition to the NBN.

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The NBN and Lift Telephone - FAQs

Why do I need to upgrade my lift emergency phone?

During a power outage, the existing PSTN line (existing Telstralandline) would normally work, however, under the NBN™ rollout,this connection will no longer be operational. This is due to the NBN usingfibre optic technology which doesn't carry power. Therefore, most buildings willno longer have a working landline during a power outage and no way for trapped passengersto call for help.

Not deploying an alternative solution to your lift phone under NBN could be a breach of the WHS Act. It is important that allbuilding owners and managers find an alternative to NBN for lift phone management.

What is Schindler's solution? 

Ahead TeleAlarm provides a communications solution that is independent of the NBN network. Schindler will provide a fullend-to-end hardware upgrade and offer full service management including battery backup and device monitoring.

Ahead TeleAlarm features: 

  • Dual network capability
  • 4 hour battery backup – double the code requirement
  • No proprietary technology – ensuring a robust telecommunications solution
  • Schindler provide and manage the SIM – no need to deal with Telcos
  • Compatibility – able to be installed on any lift system
  • Remote Monitoring and equipment analysis – currently for 3300 and 5500 models only

As an owner, What should I do, and when? 

Building owners and managers need to register their lift phone with the NBN, so it is known that it is an emergency phoneline (this can be done at to Ahead TeleAlarm will ensure a safe and reliable lift phone connection prior to your site being connected to the NBN.

Do I need to manage the SIM and monitor the phone myself?

No, Schindler offers a full-service package of SIM management and monitoring of device and emergency battery health. 

What is redundancy and why is it important to me?

Ahead TeleAlarm features 4G network technology and utilises both the Telstra and Optus networks. If one signal becomesweak, Ahead TeleAlarm automatically switches to the other provider ensuring the strongest connection is maintained.

Why is monitoring of battery health critical and who should monitor it?

Ahead TeleAlarm is equipped with a 4-hour battery backup to ensure its independence in the event of a power failure.It performs regular self-checks, reporting any faults directly to the Schindler Customer Service Centre.

Do I need to deal with Telcos when there is an issue with the phone?

No, Schindler will handle all your lift emergency phone needs.

How many lifts can be used per Schindler Ahead TeleAlarm?

The Ahead TeleAlarm can service up to four lifts if they are located within a single bank.