Customer Solutions Centre Remote Monitoring Services

The Customer Solutions Centre is an integrated environment, connecting the Technical Operations Centre (TOC) and Customer Service Centre (CSC) who monitor connected lifts and escalators across Australia via Schindler Ahead's Remote Monitoring platform. With real-time data and insights, we are able to deliver proactive services while improving equipment uptime.

Predictive Maintenance

Our remote monitoring platform informs our TOC of a potential incident the moment that is occurs.

This allows our CSC to dispatch a technician with a fault diagnosis and parts within minutes, improving equipment reliability, transparency and uptime.

Remote Recovery

Remote Recovery

When a breakdown is detected, the TOC is informed immediately and analyse the equipment condition and perform a recovery attempt.

With remote recovery, avoid the need to dispatch a Service Technician and unnecessary costs while improving equipment uptime.

Site Visit Avoidance

Site Visit Avoidance

If a customer reports a fault with their equipment, the CSC will validate the equipment to confirm it is operating. If the unit is running, the call is then cancelled.

With remote monitoring capabilities, avoid the need to dispatch a Service Technician and unnecessary costs while improving equipment uptime.

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Schindler Ahead ActionBoard

A complete information platform providing up-to-date overviews of the lift and escalator activity under your care. With real time and actionable insights, it makes it easier to prioritise tasks, identify and prevent issues and send a service request.

Did you know?

Did you know that lifts shutdown when they’re getting hot?

With Schindler's remote monitoring capabilities for connected units, our Customer Solutions Centre can remotely detect ‘heat breakdowns’ and confirm it is overheated before dispatching a technician to site, avoiding unnecessary site visits while improving customer satisfaction.

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