Schindler’s commitment to Service Excellence assures preventive maintenance programs for your elevators and escalators that will keep your equipment running safely and reliably.

We Elevate... Service

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Upgrades & Repairs

Schindler's affordable upgrades are designed to enhance safety and security, boost performance and reliability, meet disablity access requirements and improve aesthetics.

Schindler Ahead

Schindler Ahead is our digital services portfolio that opens up a new world of possibilities including real-time remote monitoring, reporting, diagnostic and media communication services.

Supplementary Services

Schindler provide additional services to your elevator or escalators under your care to help improve the reliability, performance, and aesthetics of your equipment.

What makes us different.

We Elevate... Safety

From our dedicated safety days for all of our field-based staff, to our Ellie and Eski children’s safety campaign and the training we provide to safe work regulators and emergency services, We Elevate Safety. 

Our Confirmation of Periodic Safety Inspection (CPSI) program has set a new industry benchmark. Each year our certified technicians perform a safety inspection of over 60 points on your lift. A service which is replicated every two years for escalators under our care. Coupling this with your regular service visits means that your lifts and escalators and the people who use them are safe with Schindler. 

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We Elevate... Quality

Schindler prides itself on its commitment to quality. 
From our Swiss engineered products, to our state of the art training facilities and our industry leading training programs, quality is built into everything that we do. 

The reliability of your equipment is one of our highest priorities and we understand that better reliability means less downtime and less frustration for owners, managers and users. 

Our breakdown frequency is rated as ‘excellent’ by external ratings agencies and consultants and it is our commitment to quality that continues to drive this result.  We never stop searching for new ways to improve on every aspect of what we do and constantly strive to deliver our customers work of the highest standard. 

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We Elevate... Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is paramount at Schindler and all of our service technicians regularly participate in Customer Orientated Behaviour training. This training reviews actual customer feedback and examines how improvements can be made to better understand our customers’ needs and improve our levels of service. 

Our Existing Installation service delivery is rated as “Great” against industry benchmarks and we constantly outperform other companies across the services (trades) sector. 

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We Elevate... Innovation

Schindler is a world leader in lift and escalator technology. 

In 1952 we introduced the first electronic lift controls, in 1996 we pioneered lift destination control and today we are leading the industry in connected digital services. 

Our Schindler Ahead digital services are paving the way for a new era of lift communication and management. Never before have we been able to offer such ground-breaking levels of reliability, transparency and uptime. 

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We Elevate... Communication

At Schindler we understand how important communication is. We know that keeping you informed with the latest information on your equipment can have a big impact on your planning and day to day activities. 

Schindler’s Ahead ActionBoard platform is the new standard in providing real-time overviews of your equipment. Our Ahead TeleAlarm is a best in class solution to overcoming the lift emergency phone connection issues associated with the NBN roll-out.

Our remote monitoring capabilities can inform us of an issue the moment that it occurs, so that we are able to despatch a technician with a fault diagnosis and parts much faster than conventional method. 

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That's the Schindler difference.