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We’re using our globally renowned expertise to provide you with the very best elevator modernisation solutions. Our Swiss-precision engineering and proven systems improve the reliability, safety, performance and aesthetics of your elevator – increasing your building’s overall value.

Benefit from the latest technologies

Benefit from the latest technologies

Our replacement elevators allow your passengers not only to enjoy noticeably smoother, quieter operation but also another level of passenger experience thanks to digitally enhanced mobility. Residents and tenants will appreciate the additional comfort and convenience your modernization brings to their life. Enjoy seamless mobility with no complaints.

Minimal downtime and disruption

Minimal downtime and disruption

ur global competencies and expertise make it sure to minimise building adaptations and optimise the installation process when replacing your elevator, setting new standards in the field. In fact, installing our replacement elevators requires up to 40% less time than a conventional replacement. That means that residents can look forward to minimum disturbance and downtime, and you can enjoy a professional and hassle-free process from ordering to handover.

Schindler 2600

The Schindler 2600 elevator transports goods and people efficiently and reliably using a powerful drive system that can lift up to six tons.

Schindler 7000

The Schindler 7000 passenger elevator for your landmark building up to 500 m travel and 10 m/s speed.

Schindler 3000 Plus

Schindler 3000 Plus elevator is made to be flexible in every way and fits perfectly in your building tailored to multiple applications in any urban environment.

Schindler 5500

Schindler 5000 Plus elevator combines high-rise performance with maximum flexibility to fit seamlessly in your building.

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