Modernisation Obtain a modern urban solution with Schindler

Schindler modernisation solutions keep passengers moving.

If your elevators or escalators are more than 10 years old, your building usage has changed, you're receiving complaints, or you're competing with newer buildings, Schindler has the modernisation solution.

Our proven products and installation process can help improve your equipment's reliability, performance, and aesthetics.

High Performance Modernisation

Achieve Higher Levels of Performance

Meeting the Customers Requirements

Schindler modernises your elevators and escalators to meet your specific needs. You will enjoy the result immediately and for a long time to come. With our unique offerings, this includes:

  • The latest, most efficient and intelligent technology
  • Improved occupancy and leasing rates
  • Cost-effective modernisation
  • Minimal building disruption
  • Improved performance, safety and reliability
  • Environmentally and economically friendly

Schindler Destination Control

Schindler's Award-Winning PORT Technology

For existing buildings, Schindler's patented Destination Interface process can upgrade any existing controller to PORT Technology with a "flip of a switch".

The PORT Technology takes care of the rest by planning and executing a seamless journey using an optimal route designed to take the shortest possible time to complete.

Schindler Breathes New Life

Low Rise Modernisation

At Schindler we believe you can bring improvements to every elevator, which is why we have a range of solutions to upgrade low rise elevators. This is what we have done with our Hydraulic upgrade program through many of Australia’s nursing homes, small office buildings and apartments.

Premium Ride Quality

High Rise Modernisation

Schindler 7000 is Schindler's top of the range elevator system for all high rise markets world wide. Leading edge technologies are used in all components for the ultimate in elevator performance. The premium ride quality meets or exceeds the requirements of the world's most prestigious commercial and residential buildings.

Escalator Modernisation

Engineered to last for a very long time

Schindler products are engineered to cope with heavy traffic but at a certain point they also need some upgrades to handle e.g. increased traffic, to meet changed codes or just to run more efficiently.

We'll analyse the situation with you and provide a proposal that meets your and the buildings requirements - be it either to increase transport capacity, enhance performance or reduce the energy efficiency. Our installation methods care for a fast transition period and only cause low impact on building environments.

Moving Walk Modernisation

Versatility on Demand

Schindler 9500AE moving walks provide quiet, comfortable transportation from floor to floor (inclined) and end to end (horizontal). 

Schindler products never compromise on quality, so dependable performance and passenger confidence are assured. Streamlined and flexible in design, the Schindler 9500AE product line leaves plenty of room for architectural expression, indoors or out and is designed for integration into any given space, no matter how narrow.

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