The Schindler 2500 elevator takes care of the people who need it most.

Schindler 2500

A smooth, comfortable ride and total reliability are vital for elevators transporting people in beds or wheelchairs. The Schindler 2500 provides bump-free entry and exit for patients, a comfortable and quiet ride and high levels of reliability.

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The Schindler 2000 Series Advantages

Fast and smooth

The Schindler 2500 elevator takes care of the people who need it most. It makes sure patients don’t spend too much time in transit by being fast and comfortable. It opens and closes quickly, and is so comfortable you don’t even notice it’s moving.


Not only does the Schindler 2500 take beds of all sizes, it’s roomy enough for accompanying personnel and can easily transport larger medical equipment.

Simple and energy-efficient

State-of-the-art with pre-assembled components, the Schindler 2500 can be installed quickly. The Schindler 2500 is designed for optimized energy use and robust reliability.

Schindler PORT Terminal
PORT Technology: Stylish, efficient and user-friendly

Schindler Destination Control System

Schindler 2000 Series Elevators can be provided with our destination control system to optimise elevator use and ensure your patients, passengers, staff or goods are moved efficiently at all times.

With our sophisticated PORT system, you can limit floor access to specific people at specific times, making it available in emergency situations and to those who need it most.