Schindler Office Package Additional comfort for everyday operation

Schindler Office Package - Additional comfort for everyday operation

Mobility in commercial buildings is often challenge, especially in peak times. Our Office Package aids in hassle-free and efficient vertical mobility solutions for office buildings and ensures our elevators deliver passengers to their offices safely, quietly and efficiently in comfort.

Schindler Office Package - Additional comfort for everyday operation

Your benefits at a glance

  • Extra convenience and performance functions
  • Benefit from stress-free operation
  • Easy adaptation to your building’s system thanks to various pre-installed interfaces

The package includes

Pre-opening doors

  • Elevator doors start to open as soon as they arrive at the opening zone slightly before the elevator fully stops. This feature improves traffic performance, allowing passengers to enter and exit faster.

Building management interfaces

  • Enables you to monitor the performance and other functions of your elevator by pre-installed wiring to connect to your own building hardware.

Car call cancellation

  • Allows passengers to cancel or deselect their desired floor, reducing travel times and eliminating unnecessary stops.

Distribution of free cars (3 car group or more)

  • During periods of light traffic, the Distribution of Free Cars function improves response times by distributing free cars in the group to strategic waiting floors or zones. The main floor or lobby is normally given priority.


  • During up-peak periods lobby waiting times are minimised by instructing cars to return directly to the lobby after off-loading passengers. During up-peak service at least one car in a group will remain in normal operation to handle inter-floor traffic.

Out of service switch

  • Blocks a car on a particular floor after it has served currently registered car calls.

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