Schindler Packages for Elevators

The Schindler Packages are designed to upgrade your elevator based on your individual needs. Choose your packages below.

Office Package

Our Office Package aids in hassle-free and efficient vertical mobility solutions for office buildings and ensures our elevators deliver passengers to their offices safely, quietly and efficiently in comfort.

Moving Package

Whether transporting household appliances, bookcases or beds, your elevators will be heavily used. Our Moving Package can protect your elevator and avoid damages caused by relocations.  

Security Package

From controlling unauthorised visitors from entering areas in a building to restricting access to selected floors. Our Security Package is not only an investment in asset protection, it’s also an investment in tenant safety and peace of mind.

Precaution Package

It’s important to have a plan in place for the safety and comfort of your elevator passengers. Our Precaution Package ensures safe exiting of passengers even in the absense of an electrical supply. 

Penthouse Package

Our Penthouse Package adds convenience and quality of life to any penthouse apartment. The higher level of comfort and security will give tenants and their visitors direct access to the penthouse floor.

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