PORT Technology

Schindler has once again redefined the boundaries of performance with our third generation destination control system. Schindler's PORT Technology revolutionises the science of optimising traffic flow through a building while offering personalised service and access control.

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Revolutionary Mobility Solution

Mobility solutions - From predictive call entry to touch-less operation, Schindler's PORT Technology provides the solutions to move people more efficiently.

Personalised service - Schindler's PORT Technology allows for individual profiles which provide unmatched flexibility and unique personal service opportunities for the user.

Access control - Schindler's PORT Technology can play a significant role in managing and controlling access within your building.

A New Concept for the Buildings of Tomorrow

The Personal Occupant Requirement Terminal (PORT) Technology, is a cutting-edge intelligent transit management elevator system. Featuring Schindler's state-of-the-art, energy saving "smart transport" technology, PORT Technology can be programmed to analyse, predict or meet individual passenger needs.

The technology can be installed in any new or existing building structure, be it a high-rise skyscraper, an intelligent office tower, a luxury apartment, a hotel, a university building or a hospital.

Destination Control - PORT Technology