Schindler elevators, escalators and services are engineered to provide urban mobility that’s efficient and sustainable

Urban mobility is our business

Mobility is an essential requirement of the world in which we live and work. Schindler elevators, escalators and services are engineered to provide urban mobility that’s efficient and sustainable. Schindler accompanies the development of buildings from planning to construction to daily operation and helps to maintain their value over time. Schindler is recognised as a hallmark for quality and safety. No wonder one billion people trust Schindler products and services daily.

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Vertical mobility solutions use urban space efficiently and make movement in buildings possible. Schindler offers pre-engineered or fully-customised elevators – from big to small, heavy to light, from low-rise to high-rise. Schindler has the right application for whatever your needs are – including the latest technology for a sustainable operation.

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If you need to move lots of people up or down, escalators are the ideal solution. In shopping malls and at airports, Schindler escalators manage masses of people safely and quickly. Indoor or outdoor, commercial or public spaces, Schindler has the right mobility solution.

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Moving walks

Overcoming longer distances with luggage and trolleys in public spaces doesn’t have to be a hassle. Schindler moving walks allow people to cover large distances comfortably and quickly. They are quickly installed, reliable and energy efficient.

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Transit Management

Schindler pioneered transit management with its destination control system. It interacts with users, offers access management and optimises peak-time traffic flow. It can even be personalised for tenants and lets you modernise without reducing transport capacity. It gets the most out of your building’s mobility solution.

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Schindler service makes life easier for building managers. It keeps their mobility solution as valuable as the day it was installed, and just as comfortable and safe for tenants. Maintenance plans are transparent and adaptable to your building and equipment. Schindler’s dense service network ensures spare-parts availability wherever you are.

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Modernising ensures the safety, reliability and comfort of your mobility solution. It also protects your investment long-term. Schindler replaces whole systems or modernises step-by-step, by replacing specific parts. Schindler can upgrade any installation to meet new passenger needs and to comply with official regulations.

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