Residential Elevator products and packages

Residential - Elevator products and packages

Developers and owners of residential properties can always count on Schindler for stylish in-building transport that is safe, durable, smooth to ride, and highly efficient. With lighting, fixtures and colours to match the building’s architecture, we assure premium mobility for owners, facility managers and residents alike.

Schindler residential elevators – welcome home!

A personal welcome. First impressions count. Our elevators deliver passengers to their homes safely, quietly, efficiently and in comfort – a daily pleasure your tenants can take for granted.

Perfect fit. Residents are the all-important touchstones for elevator performance in any residential building. Schindler helps you plan for capacities in real-world use, ensuring residents do not have unnecessary waiting times.

Easy to plan. Planning a new development or modernising an existing building? Schindler experts can help you find the best technical and design solution for you and your tenants. And with our exclusive Plan&Design tool, you can do all the initial work yourself – when and where you want.

Meeting standards – and setting new ones. Improving energy efficiency is essential in order to reduce the environmental impact of elevators and the buildings they serve. Eco-friendly features, such as regenerative drive, LED lighting and stand-by mode are standard in order to reduce the total energy consumption, achieving best-in-class energy efficiency ratings.


Tailored for residential operation

Schindler 1000

Our passenger elevator for low-rise residential buildings with an excellent value for money

Schindler 3000

Our all-rounder passenger elevator with outstanding flexibility for low-to mid-rise residential buildings

Schindler 5000 - The Performance Elevator

Schindler 5500

Our passenger elevator for high-end residential buildings with high performance and unique design flexibility

Schindler 7000 - The High-Rise Elevator

Schindler 7000

Our smartest solution for your high-rise residential buildings

Our suggested packages

Schindler Moving Package
For hassle-free moves without damaging your elevator

Schindler Penthouse Package
Added convenience and quality of life for any penthouse apartment

Schindler Precaution Package
Increase safety for passengers and sense of security and comfort

Schindler Security Package
Add extra security to your building by equipping your elevator with this package

Schindler Modernisation

Want to optimise mobility in your building?

We offer flexible, modern solutions to replace your existing elevator.

  • Schindler 3000 Plus
  • Schindler 5000 Plus
  • Schindler 7000 Plus
  • Phased modernisation

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