Schindler products are designed to make patients feel comfortable and safe.

Healthcare Reliability and efficiency when it matters most

When designing mobility solutions for healthcare facilities reliability is paramount. Schindler products are designed to make patients feel comfortable and safe. Our healthcare solutions make building managers happy by operating with maximum efficiency and low power consumption.

Durable by design

Schindler’s bed elevator is designed especially for healthcare, retirement and beauty spa facilities.

It’s not only durable and attractive, it’s also large enough for patients and equipment and it’s easy to clean. Special control options for emergency services and cleaning staff are available as well.

Accurate by technology

Healthcare facilities are sensitive environments full of people constantly on the move. For patient transport, accuracy in elevator travel and stop-leveling is crucial to comfort and safety.

Schindler elevator doors open accurately every time, using expertly applied Swiss precision for this highly demanding environment.

Morristown Medical Center, NJ USA

Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre, Melbourne

The Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) in Melbourne provides cancer treatment, research and education facilities, moving more than 4,800 employees, guests and patients each day.

VCCC's transport systems not only transfer people, but hazardous substances, medical equipment, food and beds, in a safe, secure and efficient manner.
The 23 unit vertical transport system at VCCC includes Schindler's PORT destination control, which reduces waiting times and offers real-time monitoring on lift status, wait times, round-trip times and error logs.
Each unit also offers a priority recall and exclusive use feature to facilitate emergency response, critical-care patient transfer, catering services and maintenance.
Units are also able to be driven without passenger accompaniment to assist with operations such as the transfer of hazardous materials.

Schindler Lifts Australia was awarded the 2017 Elevator World Project of the Year for design and installation at VCCC.

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