Our goal is to have a highly motivated and engaged workforce led by talented management in a work environment that is stimulating, attractive and rewarding to both current and prospective employees. Schindler Australia offers a range of monetary and non-monetary benefits to our employees.

Competitive pay

Our compensation policy reinforces a culture of performance and recognizes employees’ contribution to the business through competitive salaries and justified incentives by taking into account:

  • Business Profitability
  • Internal Equity
  • Individual Performance
  • Relevant Market Practices

We regularly conduct salary benchmarks not only to align compensation components (base salary, bonus, and other benefits) with industry related practices, but also to encourage a constant optimization of our compensation package.

Flexible work

We provide flexible working arrangements – including part-time positions and job-sharing – to maximize the potential of our workforce. We also provide the opportunity for our staff to purchase additional annual leave. We are committed to providing equality of opportunity to all employees.

Employee Assistance Program

Schindler Australia has an Employee Assistance Program that is open to all employees and their families. This service offers 24/7 access free and confidential counselling and service through phone, face to face and website content in many areas. As part of this service the company will pay for Face-to-face counselling which is available to all employees and their families.

Community outreach and support

Schindler believes in unity of effort and has collaborated with other Schindler entities on many projects outside of Australia. Within Australia, we have collaborated with several community groups including:       

  • Work with disability services groups to provide equal opportunities to people with a disability to work within the business     
  • Partnership with St Yon’s technical trade school to encourage school aged students to enter into trades, with an emphasis on encouraging girls in trades.         
  • Provision of training to the fire, police, ambulance, military and other organisations on how to rescue trapped passengers. This includes education on the dangers associated with working with lifts and escalators. 
  • Support of employees in their fundraising efforts for charities. Using a “your sweat, our cheque” philosophy, employees participate in a number of events.  In 2017, a contribution of over $32,000 was made, the majority matching employees’ fund-raising efforts. Schindler Australia also pays the costs of the employees’ participation in fundraising events.
At Schindler, we provide continous training sessions to demonstrate the highest standards of safety for our industry

Contact Details

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