At Schindler our field operations division work hard to ensure customer satisfaction, employee safety, commitment and development

Field Operations

You can provide direct value to our customers by building your career path in any of the following functions. 

Field Operations

As a colleague in our Field Operations division, working for our Existing Installations (EI), Modernisations (MOD) or New Installations (NI) division you will take part in conducting the day-to-day operations of the branch office you work at. This includes administering Schindler resources and knowledge for managing market-focused activities, for ensuring customer satisfaction, maximum profitability, and employee safety, commitment and development. 

New Installation employees work on construction sites controlled by a principal building contractor. Modernisation employees work in buildings that are occupied by tenants and managed by the building owner/facilities manager. Existing Installation employees work mostly by themselves servicing and repairing equipment in shops, hospitals, universities, homes all over Australia. 

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