Green Mobility

Urban centres cause around 80% of the world’s pollution, with buildings consuming 40% of the world's energy. Making our cities greener is essential to conserving a liveable planet.

Schindler contributes to making urban centres more sustainable with a range of energy and resource-conserving mobility solutions. Our ultimate goal is to achieve zero net energy usage, without compromising on our high-quality products and standards.

Our Approach

Schindler’s approach to environmental issues mirrors the way it approaches business overall: we systematically analyse our activities and focus on areas where we can have maximum impact.

Schindler has prepared an extensive amount of information regarding its green initiatives including topics such as ecological foot print, site consumption, vehicle fleet, product ecology and strategic suppliers.

To learn more about Schindler’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, please visit the following sites:

Planning to save tomorrow

Schindler is known for its longsighted energy planning. Prior to installation, our Traffic Vision Planning program simulates traffic patterns and analyses the usage-frequency in your building. We then calculate future energy consumption so it can be optimised over the long-term.

Green Product Technology

Schindler system-engineered mobility solutions help you build greener. From Miconic 10 to today’s PORT Technology, our innovations save energy and costs. Low-friction, regenerative drives, and no hazardous materials keep our product’s environmental impact down.

Sustainable mobility every day

About 80% of a building’s total environmental impact is produced during full operation times. We lower this by regular maintenance. This keeps your mobility solution clean, reliable and energy-efficient. Our maintenance teams use smart route planning to reduce their CO2 footprint.

Turning Old into Green

Modernising an elevator or escalator increases safety and comfort for passengers, and improves energy efficiency. Schindler's PF1 energy-regenerating drives, new controls enabling stand-by modes and smart LED lighting, can transform your old elevator into a modern energy-efficient system.

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