Schindler Safety

Schindler Safety Standards

Safety is a top priority at Schindler. Schindler Australia adheres to strict safety codes and standards, and places paramount importance on passenger safety and convenience.

We design and build our elevators and escalators with many safety features to help give users peace of mind while using them. We are also active in providing information to passengers, and work together with those who manage or operate elevators and escalators to maintain and improve safe usage and operation.

Just for Kids

Just for Kids

Wide, shiny bright steps that move. Large buttons that light up when you press them. This is what our children see when they encounter an escalator, elevator and moving walk.

We know that they they are not toys but kids necessarily do not, so we've provided some simple guidelines for a more pleasant and safe ride for children.

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Tips for users

Tips for Users

Mobility is an essential requirement of the world in which we live and work. Schindler elevators, escalators and services are engineered to provide urban mobility that’s efficient and sustainable.

Here we provide tips on how to use escalators and elevators comfortably and safely.

> Tips for using Elevators
> Tips for using Escalators

Tips for Owners & Managers

Tips for Owners & Managers

Schindlers service makes life easier for owners and building managers. It keeps their mobility solution as valuable as the day it was installed, and just as comfortable and safe for tenants.

Read more about what you do before you call for service and what to do in an emergency situation.

> Emergency Tips for Owners and Managers


Product Safety

Product Safety

Schindler accompanies the development of buildings from planning to construction to daily operation and helps to maintain their value over time.

Schindler is recognised as a hallmark for quality and safety. Read more about how our products adhere to safety codes and standards around the world.

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