Covid-19 Products and Solutions

How can elevators and escalators become more sterile and germ-free, particularly as viruses and bacteria can be transferred through hand contact with elevator buttons or escalator handrails? Schindler has a range of options available for elevators, escalators and moving walks to reduce to risk of virus transmission.

Schindler Handrail Ultra UV Device

The device is used to efficiently disinfect the handrails of escalators and moving walks in order to suppress the spread of viruses. Schindler's handrail Ultra UV device uses germicidal UVC light to irradiate the handrails at a short distance, only 15 mm, ensuring that bacteria and viruses are effectively killed. With this physical disinfection process using UVC LED technology, handrails are disinfected in an efficient and environmentally friendly way.

PORT Destination Control

Schindler's PORT Technology includes a transit management solution that provides destination control and remote operation via a access card or mobile phone app. The touchless operation, available with your site issued security card, allows you to place a call to your desired floor without touching the terminal. Touchless operation is activated by simply holding your card at the reader. It will then start to scroll through all the floors that you personally have access to. Simply remove the card when the desired floor is highlighted and a call will be placed automatically.

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