Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Schindler Lifts Australia continue to provide essential services in relation to the safe movement of people and goods during this unprecedented period.

COVID-19 Tips for Facility Managers

Covid-19 Guidelines

In line with Safe Work Australia, Schindler have developed Covid-19 guidelines for your equipment.

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COVID-19 Tips for Passengers

Tips for Passengers

For passengers, it's important to practice COVID-19 lift and escalator guidelines to reduce the spread.

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Products & Solutions

Schindler have existing products and introduced new solutions to prevent the spread on bacteria and viruses. 

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Schindler Lifts Australia Update

Schindler Lifts Australia (Schindler) are closely monitoring the global issue of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and we are continuing to follow the advice of the Australian Government. Should that advice change to include increased safety measures, we have policies and procedures in place.

At this stage, Schindler do not foresee the requirement for enforced shutdowns of our offices or job sites. We will also continue to service our customers unless otherwise directed by the Australian Government.

A dedicated COVID-19 steering committee has been established within Schindler to manage this evolving situation across the business. Our team is ready to implement our Business Continuity Plan should the issue escalate. 

In line with Australian Government requirements, we are:


  • Encouraging a high level of personal hygiene amongst employees including the regular washing of hands;
  • Continuing to make workplaces clean and hygienic. That includes regular cleaning of high touch surfaces like toolboxes, lunch tables, door handles and shared tools with disinfectant;
  • Postponing all work related non-essential domestic and international travel;
  • Re-enforcing the 14-day self-isolation period to all people travelling or returning to Australia, including Australian citizens as advised by the Department of Home Affairs;
  • Instructing employees who are ill not to attend work; and
  • Advising employees who have been in close contact with a confirmed case to self-isolate and follow guidance from the Department of Health.

Covid-19 Guidelines

As the Covid-19 restrictions begin to ease, Schindler is reinforcing the recommendations from Safe Work Australia and have developed guidelines for lifts and escalators to ensure you are well equipped and prepared for tenants returning to work. Moreover, Schindler has implemented extra precautionary measures to ensure safe and health movement of passengers and prepare for those returning to work.

COVID-19 Tips for Passengers


  • Maintain a healthy distance and avoid overcrowding
  • If possible, press the destination button with your elbow, avoid using your fingers
  • Do not lean on the lift doors or on the lift handrails
  • Wash your hands or use antibacterial gel after riding an elevator
  • Follow all general hygiene tips, such as coughing into your elbow and not your hands

Escalators & Moving Walks

  • Maintain a healthy distance and avoid overcrowding
  • Do not touch your face after touching the handrail
  • Wash your hands or use antibacterial gel after riding an escalator or moving walk
  • Follow all general hygiene tips, such as coughing into your elbow and not your hands

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