Product Safety

Safety is a fundamental value of Schindler. It is implicit in our products and services and in the way we work. We do not compromise on the safety and health of our Customers and on those who work for our business.

Elevator Safety Features

Today's elevator systems adhere to strict safety codes and standards and incorporate a wide variety of features designed to help reduce the chance of accidents and to give passengers a quick, dependable ride. Some of the numerous safety features offered include:

  • Safety brakes
  • Door sensors and closing devices
  • Hoistway door interlocks and safety switches
  • Door restraints
  •  Emergency evacuation feature
  • Pit buffers
  • Emergency alarm switches
  • Emergency telephones or communications devices
  • Emergency power and lighting
  • Fire emergency systems

Escalators & Moving Walks

Today's escalators and moving walks are designed to adhere to strict safety code requirements, and incorporate a variety of safety features designed to encourage proper ridership and prevent accidents.

Some of the safety features offered include:

  • Sensors to trigger automatic shutdown if a component is outside of its normal position
  • Skirt Brushes to help prevent objects from being caught in the escalator
  • Handrail Motion Detectors
  • Step Integrity Monitors
  • Missing Step and Step Level Monitors
  • Comb Plate Detectors
  • Skirt Switches
  • Emergency Stop Buttons
  • Controlled Stop Braking
  • Understep Lighting
  • Yellow Comb Fingers
  • Handrail Guards

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