TRD successfully co-sponsors Smart Skyscraper Summit, Dubai, 2015

At the event, Schindler presented itself as an industry-leading, innovative technical expert in high-rise transportation and transit management with myPORT.

Smart Skyscraper Summit, Dubai, 2015, is the only top-level event that focuses on high-rise business in the Middle East. The event offers a unique platform for the networking and knowledge-sharing that are required for developing world-class skyscrapers across the Middle East.

Schindler’s tremendous branding exposure and customer approach at the event presented a great opportunity to strengthen its position in the Middle East high-rise market.

"Attending the Skyscraper Summit in Dubai was a great opportunity for me to better understand this vibrant market”, states Walter Jury, Managing Director of TRD. “I had the chance to meet directly with current and potential customers and to discuss their needs and expectations with them. The strong Schindler presence at the event confirmed our commitment to the Middle East and allowed us to showcase the superior value we provide with our solutions.”


Group photo of the Smart Skyscarper attendees
The Smart Skyscarper Summit attendees