Escalators & Moving Walks - We offer you a complete range of services

Escalators & Moving Walks We offer you a complete range of services

Modernization ensures the safety, reliability and comfort of your escalator and moving walk solutions. We offer you a complete range of services – from minor improvements in the accessories to full system replacement, either independently or in conjunction with building remodelling or reconstruction. Schindler can upgrade any installation to meet new passenger requirements and to comply with regulations in the Middle East.

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Escalator Modernization

Schindler can modernize your escalators with upgraded components or can conduct a full escalator replacement. Whatever you choose, your escalators will perform more reliably to maximize rider safety.

Schindler products are engineered to cope with heavy traffic but at a certain point they also need some upgrades to handle e.g. increased traffic, to meet changed codes or just to run more efficiently.

We'll analyse the situation with you and provide a proposal that meets your and the buildings requirements - be it either to increase transport capacity, enhance performance or reduce the energy efficiency. Our installation methods care for a fast transition period and only cause low impact on building environments.

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Moving Walk Modernization

Schindler 9500AE moving walks provide quiet, comfortable transportation from floor to floor (inclined) and end to end (horizontal).

Schindler products never compromise on quality, so dependable performance and passenger confidence are assured. Streamlined and flexible in design, the Schindler 9500AE product line leaves plenty of room for architectural expression, indoors or out and is designed for integration into any given space, no matter how narrow.

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