Schindler 5500 Impressive, powerful and effective

Schindler 5000 Plus - Impressive, powerful and effective
  • Schindler Product Facts
    Capacity: 630-2500kg
  • Schindler Product Facts
    Travel height: Up to 150m
  • Schindler Product Facts
    Stops: Max 50 stops
  • Schindler Product Facts
    Speed: 1.0-3.0 m/s

Schindler 5500 combines high-rise performance with maximum flexibility to fit seamlessly in your building. It’s a leap into the future that manages to improve traffic, design, functionality and environmental efficiency – for rises of up to 150 m, speeds of up to 3.0 m/s, and groups of up to 8 cars.

Schindler 5500 is part of Schindler’s new modular platform replacement product range for residential and commercial buildings worldwide, from low-rise to mid-rise and from basic to sophisticated requirements.

Schindler 5000 Plus - Superior comfort and performance

Superior comfort and performance

Schindler 5500 offers the best traffic performance and an excellent ride experience for passengers. It features improved stability and reduced noise levels at high speeds and up to 150 meters travel height.

Engineered for the most demanding applications

Higher, faster, bigger
Schindler’s modular product platform is built around Swiss precisionengineered components of the highest quality, enabling Schindler 5500 to optimize use of the available space in a wide range of applications. Its powerful performance allows for loads of up to 2500 kg capacity per car and increased speeds of up to 3 m/s.

First-class ride experience
New and optimized components, along with Schindler 5500’s flexible, durable structure, result in significantly reduced noise and vibration levels, providing a best-in-class ride experience.

Innovative drive technology
Schindler 5500 is equipped as standard with our innovative, regenerative drive technology. The system is designed to reduce travel energy by up to 30% compared to convential trechnlogy available.

Schindler 5000 Plus - Future ready

Future ready

Benefit from our tools, solutions and latest innovations providing improved equipment reliability, uptime, safety and an all-new superior passenger experience. Our elevators are designed to use state-of-the-art technologies from planning to operation.

Designed for next-generation technologies

Innovation in installation
Schindler’s new INEX (Installation Excellence) method not only reduces construction preparation and resources for our customers, but also improves safety and efficiency on site.

Digital solutions tailored to your needs

All our new elevators are fully enabled for Schindler Ahead – our digital portfolio for smart elevators. Designed on the principles of IoT (Internet of Things) and machine learning, it analyzes cloud-based data to deliver improved uptime, insights and convenience.

Smart operation – clarity and convenience

Digital connectivity allows for better maintenance and management, while creating higher levels of comfort for passengers. With Schindler Ahead, we make sure that our customers can enjoy the benefits of the digital era with confidence.


Schindler 5000 Plus - PORT Technology

PORT Technology

Best-in-class traffic management
All Schindler 5500 elevators are fully enabled for PORT Technology, with all the advantages of reduced travel time, higher passenger traffic capacity, and the potential for full building security and personalized access. PORT makes buildings more attractive, more efficient, and more valuable.

Schindler 5000 Plus - Efficiency and ecology

Efficiency and ecology

Our new modular product range is designed to combine dimensions, technologies and options flexibly to blend into and complement your building optimally. Schindler 5500 will make your building both work more efficiently and optimize space through excellent shaft utilization.

Architecturally and environmentally friendly

Machine-room or machine-room-less design

  • Depending on your requirements, there are mini-machine-room (MMR) and machine-room-less (MRL) solutions for the Schindler 5500
  • The flexible positioning of the counterweight also provides more options for perfect space utilization, maximized rentable space and lower building costs

Suspension Traction Media (STM)

  • Smaller machine compared to steel rope installations due to much smaller traction sheave diameter – possible thanks to STM technology
  • Compared to steel ropes, the STM is oil-free and does not require regular relubrication
  • Halogen-free STM to avoid the usage of hazardous substances
  • Steel rope installation is applied over 150 m

Regenerative drive technology as standard

  • Minimum heat dissipation due to energy recuperation
  • Return of regenerated energy to mains power during overhauling mode
  • Minimal reactive power thanks to use of Power Factor 1 converter


  • Reduced stand-by power improves energy efficiency
  • Halogen-free cabling and wiring available as an option

Door system

  • High-efficiency, low-mass Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
  • Low-mass door system and low-friction mechanics
  • Halogen-free cabling and wiring available as an option

Modular system, scalable car and door dimensions

  • Scalable car sizing in any direction in 10 mm increments
  • Car heights up to 3400 mm
  • Doors can be sized and positioned with millimeter accuracy
  • The door width is adjustable in 50 mm increments from 800 to 1800 mm and door height up to 3000 mm, with a choice of telescopic (T2) or center-opening doors (C2, C4) and single or double (through-loading)

Schindler 5000 Plus - Elevating the environment

Elevating the environment

Schindler’s sustainability policy is a commitment to improve the environmental impact of our products and services continuously, throughout their entire life cycle. The Schindler 5500 is a fully pre-engineered product in which all parts are perfectly adjusted, saving both space and energy.

Excellent ecological performance

Class A energy-efficiency rating
Improving energy efficiency is essential for reducing the environmental impact of elevators and the buildings they serve. Eco-friendly features such as regenerative drive, LED lighting and stand-by mode while parked are standard in all Schindler 5500 elevators. This makes it possible to achieve the highest energy-efficiency rating, class A according to ISO 25745-2*.

Environmental Product Declarations (EPD)
To provide an insight into the ecological performance of our elevators throughout their life, we provide Environmental Product Declarations (EPD). Schindler has registered EPDs at the “International EPD® System” for all major elevator product lines, taking an important step further in the assessment of the environmental performance of our products, while underlining our continuous efforts towards sustainable solutions.

*The classification always refers to a specific customer configuration. Usage pattern, load capacity, customer specific options and site conditions influence the final rating.

Travel in style – vertically

Choose an elevator design that is the perfect match for your building interior. Select a ceiling, combine wall and floor colors freely from our four designer décor lines, choose from our range of operating panels, handrails, lighting, mirrors and other accessories.

And for full custom designs, the Schindler 5500 bare car option allows up to 50 % of the car‘s rated capacity for you to add the materials and finishings of your choice.

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