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Schindler 3300 AP

The Schindler 3300AP is our spacious passenger elevator for low-rise residential and commercial buildings; Efficient, stylish and designed for performance. It’s easy to plan and install because it fits all standard shaft sizes. User-friendly in daily operation, it also saves you money by being very energy efficient.

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The car of the Schindler 3300AP is designed to give you more space to transport residents in. Its car fits standardized shafts, for same shaft space, can enjoy up to 25% increase of car capacity.

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The Schindler 3300AP will improve your image as much as it improves the lives of your residents. Thanks to its trailblazing traction media, it moves as quiet as whispering. This means a peaceful living or working environment for everyone in the building.

Distinctive aesthetic designs

Distinctive aesthetic designs

The Schindler 3300 passenger elevator has an interior that suits you and your building. It offers a design choice of several ready-made décor lines for the perfect match.

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