CleanCover Protective layer for push buttons and surfaces

Schindler CleanCover is an antibacterial protective film that covers the surfaces in an elevator that are often touched by passengers, such as the push button panel and the elevator walls. This discrete solution has powerful disinfectant properties that prevent harmful bacteria from collecting and thereby spreading between passengers.

Highly effective

Highly effective

With up to a 99% reduction of the most common bacteria, on a surface spread by touching surfaces.

Cleaner operation

Cleaner operation

Simpler and faster way to clean and sanitize push button panels.

Extra protection

Extra protection

The protective layer prevents dirt and harmful cleaning chemicals from entering the push button panels during cleaning, preserving buttons and electronic components.

How does it work?

Protecting passengers from bacteria on surfaces without them having to do anything at all, the special antibacterial film is designed to cover the floor and cabin buttons. It works by progressively releasing antibacterial agents on the surface that neutralize contagious disease agents.

The coating also allows for easier cleaning of the push button panels with typical disinfectant products for an extra level of protection. Additionally, the film protects buttons and electronic components in the system by adding an extra barrier for dirt.

CleanCover - Protective layer for push buttons and surfaces

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