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Three different types of assignments

At Schindler, an international assignment can last from between 3 months and 5 years. There are three different types of international assignments.

International Assignments

Usually, an international assignment is part of a long-term plan for personal and professional development. Our business sometimes requires the temporary appointment of managers, specialists and senior executives to various locations around the world. This supports our global approach and transfers know-how to our companies, helping to increase our competitiveness.

Development Assignments

This is part of a development plan involving an employee and his or her Line Manager. A Development Assignment is normally an operational position with clear objectives at the host company that allow Line Management to monitor the performance of the employee.

Extended Business Trip

As an international company, we send our specialists on extended project-based business trips to introduce and support new tools and systems. These last for a set period of time, and end upon completion of the project.