Develop your unique talents

Schindler is a global player that requires highly talented and internationally mobile managers capable of working in any part of our business at any location. We offer you the chance to develop your talents in an international career with the potential to progress to upper management.

This is Schindler Employees

International Managers and assignments have always played a key role in our success. However, the way our global workforce is sourced, organized and managed is changing radically. Growth in emerging markets has increased the need for companies to move people and source talent from around the world.

In today’s global village our colleagues, clients and business partners have different national, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds. In this environment, you are a very valuable asset to every employer if you have international work experience. At Schindler, you can build a portfolio of challenging international management assignments in any one of over 100 countries or 1000 networks across the globe.

Soft Skills

Soft skills are the hardest to learn, and an international assignment will give you the opportunity to develop them by dealing with a different culture, work ethic, business etiquette and lifestyles on a daily basis.

This type of learning experience will improve your soft skills by teaching you to be patient and flexible, and will strengthen your perseverance and communication skills – quality is just as important to your employer as hard skills like professional knowledge and academic qualifications.

Hard skills are essential too, of course. No oil company will hire you if you have a degree in music. But if you are qualified, then an international assignment that demonstrates strong interpersonal skills can be just as important to your career as having a diploma and work experience.