Share Buyback

Share Buyback

Share Buyback Program 2013 - 2015

As of December 30, 2015, Schindler Holding Ltd ended the share buyback program started on January 3, 2013. In the context of the buyback program, including a Fixed-Price Repurchase Offer from November 1 to November 14, 2013, a total of 3 810 193 registered shares and 5 455 078 participation certificates were repurchased, which represents 7.8% of the capital stock recorded in the Commercial Register at the start of the buyback program.

The Board of Directors of Schindler Holding Ltd has decided that there will be no new buy-back program at the present time.

The original German language version is binding.

Fixed-Price Repurchase Offer

Not for release, publication or distribution in the United States of America, Canada, Japan or Australia
As of October 18, 2013, Schindler Holding Ltd. launched a public repurchase offer for up to 5.8% of the registered shares and up to 8.9% of the participation certificates in issue at a fixed price for the purpose of capital reduction. Thus, the Fixed-Price Repurchase Offer comprises up to 4 100 000 registered shares and up to 4 100 000 participation certificates. The offer price in the Fixed-Price Repurchase Offer amounts to CHF 129.00 per registered share and CHF 129.80 per participation certificate.

The original German language version is binding.

Result of the Fixed-Price Repurchase Offer of Schindler registered shares and participation certificates

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