Leadership through Customer Service

‘Leadership through Customer Service’ is our vision, since over one billion people around the world use Schindler products every day. These people should be able to rely on high-quality mobility solutions and services at all times.

To achieve this, we are strengthening our global presence and expanding our service network in individual markets. This will enable Schindler to exploit different global growth cycles, to smooth out currency risks, to reduce response times thanks to our proximity to customers, and, at the same time, to increase the productivity of our service offering.

Today, around 7 out of 10 elevators are sold in Asia and only 3 in the rest of the world. Schindler is responding to this challenge with targeted investments, the strategic expansion of the business – primarily in the strategic markets of China and India – and constant innovation.

Focus on core competencies

We strive to attract clients through our clear focus on our core competencies and our resulting innovation, quality and competitive pricing. We work continuously to secure this competitive advantage. All our processes are optimized on an ongoing basis, manufacturing depth is reduced by focusing exclusively on our strategic core competencies, and our range of product families is limited to a reasonable number. 


Schindler is committed to developing leading products featuring the latest technology. Examples include the first patent for elevators without a machine room, the Miconic 10 hall call destination system and its successor, Schindler ID, incorporating personalized access control, as well as PORT Technology – the third-generation system that has revolutionized the traffic and security philosophy
in buildings and creates previously inconceivable possibilities for architects. Modern traction belt technology represents a further milestone in the development of elevators.

Today, Schindler has an innovative, state-of-the-art product range featuring three global product lines: the Schindler 3300 elevator (residential segment), the Schindler 5500 elevator (commercial segment), and the Schindler 7000 elevator (high-rise segment).

MIT Sloan CIO Leadership Award 2015

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology honored Schindler for its innovative digital business solutions with the MIT Sloan CIO Leadership Award 2015. Schindler globally harmonized its IT systems and business processes during the last years for new and innovative business solutions. Based on a new digital platform elevators and escalators are integrated over the Internet of Things into the entire value chain. Processed and analyzed data are provided in a closed-loop process to customer call centers as well as to field service technicians through iPhone based apps. Customers have at all times access to relevant data through a customer portal and/or the mySchindler app.

We create value

Schindler will continue to systematically pursue the aforementioned strategy in order to further expand its leading position, provide secure long-term employment, and create value for shareholders.

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