Global organization

Schindler's global purchasing organization is managed by a network of category and country teams, which work closely together to achieve maximum results.

Five strategic sourcing offices serve Schindler's global operations, which cover 140 countries:

country map

Strategic Sourcing Organization focuses on the following five strategies

  1. Develop the Category & sub-category strategies and build expertise in the team to support the organization globally.

  2. Leading synergetic projects with promising contributions –Globally, Regionally and Locally- with teams in the sense/character of task forces and providing hands on support.

  3. Projects prioritisation driven by value contributions and availability of resources.

  4. Provide what is needed in order to fulfil the basic and essential requirements of Sourcing: practical tools and processes, checklists and the respective support as routines, manuals etc. for level a (max contributions within one location).

  5. Lead in and identifying potential savings opportunities across zones, as well as playing a stronger role in providing expertise, qualified & hands on support and personnel development, hiring, and competency assessment.

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