Schindler Air Emissions / VOC

Air Emissions / VOC

Management and reduction of carbon emissions must be part of a company's environment strategy. Schindler takes a multi-pronged approach, improving insulation in its buildings, purchasing more fuel efficient cars with particle filters, and striving to source electricity from renewable energy sources.

CO2 emissions

When compared to the growth of its business, Schindler's carbon emissions have increased at a slower pace.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

The largest contributions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) arise from cleaning agents and solvents used in field operations (e.g. rail cleaning in connection with new installations). The actual reporting system does not distinguish, however, between the various types of volatile organic compounds.

It is therefore not meaningful to convert the data into ethene equivalents. In recent years, Schindler has changed gradually to the use of water-soluble paints.


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