Interview with Prof. Kees Christiaanse

There are few people who’ve had as broad an influence on urban design as Kees Christiaanse. He leads the ETH Zurich Chair of Urban Design and Planning and his firm KCAP, based in Rotterdam, Zurich and Shanghai. Through his chair at ETH, he is a collaborator with Schindler Group for the Schindler Global Award student urban design competition. Over the years he has educated, through academia or practice, many people involved in the spatial design of cities and has served as an expert consultant. Central to his practice is the belief that urban design – and urban designers – have a primary role as mediators in complex urban projects.

As the Schindler Global Award begins its 2017 award cycle, journalist and consultant
Jessica Bridger sat with Kees Christiaanse to find out why urban design might be the
optimal mediator in facing global challenges, the importance of mobility in our present and
future cities and the best way for students (and their faculty) to get involved in the
Schindler Global Award 2017.

Download the entire interview here

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