The competition is open to all students in their final year of study, including thesis year, in a bachelor's course and those enrolled in a master's course at a worldwide university or college of architecture, landscape architecture, urban design and planning, and their international equivalents.


Participants must fill in the online registration form on the Global Schindler Award website at Registration is open from 16 June 2016 until 16 December 2016.

Applications for registration may be submitted by individuals or by teams. The support of a
university faculty member during the competition for every entry is mandatory.
All Participants must provide an e-mail address for themselves, if entering individually, or a
single one, if entering as a team, through which they can be contacted. All applications for
registration will be confirmed by email within seven days.

Each individual or team whose registration is accepted will receive an official entry number. This
entry number shall thereafter be quoted in all future correspondence with the competition

Participants who apply to enter the competition as a team must designate one team member as
a spokesperson to whom all correspondence throughout the competition will be addressed.
The internal distribution within the team of any prizes, honourable mentions or other
remuneration, as the case may be, is the responsibility of the team and will be in no way
adjudicated, allotted or decided by the competition organizers.

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Exlusion from participating in the competition:

a) anyone employed by the contracting authority, any jury member or expert specified in the
competition brief;
b) anyone who is closely related or has any kind of dependence or close professional
relationship to a jury member, or expert specified in the competition brief;
c) anyone in charge of the organisation of the competition.


College and university faculty are encouraged to contact the competition management about integrating the Global Schindler Award into their curricula.

For all interested in the themes and issues of the competition, regular newsletters are available for free on this website.


The FAQ deadline was on 30. September 2016 an no questions were received.

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